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May/June 2017

Basket Weave vs Pre-Preg Pre Cured
As you can see from the below diagram why you should not use blanket weave. Every pass takes carbon fiber out of tension, therefore weakening it dramatically compared to straight tow.


Claim: “[Rhino has] the strongest strap on the market today.”

Fact: This claim is simply false and cannot be further from the truth. The Fortress

Carbon-Kevlar Strap has a tensile strength of 270,000 psi. Strength data published by

Rhino states that the average tensile strength of their strap is 51,571 psi. This is in fact one

of the lowest reported strengths of all Fortress’ competitors. Rhino claims they have the

strongest strap when their reported strengths are one of the lowest. Here are the Facts:

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Product                                   Ultimate Tensile Strength

Fortress Carbon-Kevlar                   270,000 psi

Other                                                  203,000 psi

Other                                                   140,000 psi

Other                                                   140,000 psi

Other                                                   135,000 psi

Other                                                   121,000 psi

Other                                                   105,000 psi

Rhino                                                  51,571 psi


Fortress’ unique grid technology allows the Fortress Carbon-Kevlar Grid Strap to utilize

more strength of individual carbon filaments that its competitors.

Claim: According to Rhino, Fortress carbon fiber has an average tensile strength of 18,136


Let’s get real: Human hair has a tensile strength of about 55,000 psi and bamboo

between 50,000 and 72,000 psi. (Source: Wikipedia)

Rhino’s claim that their carbon fiber has a tensile strength of 51,571 means it has less

strength than the hair on your head or a bamboo fishing pole. (We think Rhino should

get their science right or fire their testing firm).

Fact: Fortress’ Carbon-Kevlar Grid Strap has a tensile strength of 270,000 psi with a

unit tensile strength of over 5,300 pounds per inch. A tensile load of almost 12 tons is

needed to break a standard width, Fortress Carbon-Kevlar Grid Strap. You can be sure

that Fortress is a leader in continuous product improvement.


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Case Study:
Date: April 2017
Location: Flint Michigan
Contractor: Cement Surgeons
Engineer: Richard Prince

Date: April 2017
Scope:  Concrete beam under designed to allow additional loading. Design was to strengthen flexural and shear capacity.
Materials: 300gsm unidirectional fabric, #4550 epoxy, carbon anchors, #4000 epoxy paste

Conclusion: Utilizing carbon anchors design could use full strength of reported values and provide a solution for long term creep of carbon fiber



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